The Appletizer

The Appletizer
Released March 3, 2017
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1 How Did We Get Here Play 02:35
2 U Lose Again (feat. Tamera King) Play 03:11
3 Wayyy Dfrnt (feat. Mr. Coldstone) Play 03:18
Top Tracks
3 Wayyy Dfrnt (feat. Mr. Coldstone)
1 How Did We Get Here

In March of 2017 Applejaxx released a nice 3 track album called, The Appletizer. It has at least two tracks definitely worth listening to.

This is the 6th album available on Sola Tunes from Applejaxx. A couple of the best tracks on The Appletizer are Wayyy Dfrnt (feat. Mr. Coldstone) and How Did We Get Here.
The entire 3 track list is: #1 How Did We Get Here, #2 U Lose Again (feat. Tamera King), and #3 Wayyy Dfrnt (feat. Mr. Coldstone).