Theo's Gift

Beleaf Melanin
Theo's Gift
Released March 19, 2013
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1 Introruption Play 02:35
2 I Brought You In Play 02:29
3 Go Ladies (feat. Just Dre) Play 03:31
4 Yes I Am Play 03:29
5 Next Level (feat. Eshon Burgundy) Play 03:35
6 Bass Loud (feat. Andy Mineo) Play 04:16
7 Team Theo Play 04:00
8 Teaser (Bonus) Play 01:14
9 In God We Trust (Bonus) Play 03:24
Top Tracks
6 Bass Loud (feat. Andy Mineo)
2 I Brought You In
9 In God We Trust (Bonus)
4 Yes I Am
7 Team Theo

On March 19, 2013, Beleaf Melanin released a nice 9 track album called, Theo's Gift. It has at least five tracks definitely worth listening to.

This is the 1st album available on Sola Tunes from Beleaf Melanin. Some of the best tracks on Theo's Gift are Bass Loud (feat. Andy Mineo), I Brought You In, In God We Trust (Bonus), Yes I Am, and Team Theo.
The entire 9 track list is: #1 Introruption, #2 I Brought You In, #3 Go Ladies (feat. Just Dre), #4 Yes I Am, #5 Next Level (feat. Eshon Burgundy), #6 Bass Loud (feat. Andy Mineo), #7 Team Theo, #8 Teaser (Bonus), and #9 In God We Trust (Bonus).