Christon Gray

Christon Gray has one record on Sola Tunes called, Body Art, which was released Sept. 18, 2012. It has at least seven tracks worth listening to.


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Christon Gray's Top Tracks

Body Art 2012
1 Life Is (Prod. by Swoope) 01:36
2 Clear The Air (Prod. by Ra Charm) 03:46
3 Captain America feat. DJ Promote (Prod. by Wit & Swoope) 04:27
4 Momentum feat. Wize (Prod. by Wit) 03:25
5 Dodge (Prod. by Redd Lettaz) 03:09
6 Blue Skies feat. Swoope, Alex Faith, & Dre Murray (Prod. by Wit) 04:32
7 EWEWU feat. S.O. (Prod. by Wit) 02:52
8 Good Mourning (Prod. by Swoope) 05:09
9 Ask feat. Kelly Kelz & Dre Murray (Prod. by Wit) 04:21
10 Autumn Leaves feat. Lauren Heatherly (Prod. by Megaman) 05:50
11 Cry No More feat. KAMBINO and Word Perfect (Prod. by Swoope) 03:58
12 The End feat. Word Perfect (Prod. by Vanilla) 03:13