Dark Vader

Dre Murray
Dark Vader
Released Dec. 9, 2016
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1 He Dreams of Darkness (Intro) Play 01:54
2 Part 1 (FDA) Play 02:09
3 '93 Coup de Ville Play 01:51
4 We Was Rich Til The Bill Came Play 02:41
5 Black Everyday Play 01:20
6 TINGS Play 01:41
7 Part 2 (So Evil) Play 03:01
8 Simple Math Play 02:13
9 It Was All Good Yesterday Play 03:05
10 Dark Vader Play 02:59
11 That's Uh Bet (Bonus Track) Play 02:23
Top Tracks
4 We Was Rich Til The Bill Came
8 Simple Math
11 That's Uh Bet (Bonus Track)
2 Part 1 (FDA)
7 Part 2 (So Evil)
9 It Was All Good Yesterday
10 Dark Vader
Who is Dark Vader?

While writing the lyrics to this project, I took a long look at my journey. I thought long and hard about my story, and how far God had brought me. I suddenly realized that I didn't speak much about my story anymore. My conversations were once full of the power of God that I experienced first hand, when Jesus brought me from the darkness into His marvelous light. Though I still speak of God and His goodness, and am thankful for every breath He allows me to breathe, there is still something about that time in my life where I saw a wretched soul be transformed into a son of The Most High. That is what this project is all about. It is me starting to have those conversations again. It is me sharing my story, in hopes that it leads others out of the darkness and into His marvelous light. It is me sharing my story, in hopes that you would share your story too.

In December of 2016 Dre Murray cooked up a solid 11 track album called, Dark Vader. It has at least eight tracks definitely worth listening to.

This is the 3rd album available on Sola Tunes from Dre Murray. Some of the best tracks on Dark Vader are We Was Rich Til The Bill Came, Simple Math, That's Uh Bet (Bonus Track), Part 1 (FDA), TINGS, Part 2 (So Evil), and It Was All Good Yesterday.
The entire 11 track list is: #1 He Dreams of Darkness (Intro), #2 Part 1 (FDA), #3 '93 Coup de Ville, #4 We Was Rich Til The Bill Came, #5 Black Everyday, #6 TINGS, #7 Part 2 (So Evil), #8 Simple Math, #9 It Was All Good Yesterday, #10 Dark Vader , and #11 That's Uh Bet (Bonus Track).