Black Friday

Jered Sanders
Black Friday
Released Nov. 29, 2016
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1 iPray Play 01:12
2 Colin's Rebuttal Play 03:08
3 Brand New Person Play 02:46
4 My Views (+ Powin Up ft. Shiwan) Play 09:01
Top Tracks
2 Colin's Rebuttal
4 My Views (+ Powin Up ft. Shiwan)
3 Brand New Person

On Nov. 29, 2016, Jered Sanders dropped a bangin' 4 track album called, Black Friday. It has at least three tracks definitely worth listening to.

This is the 1st album available on Sola Tunes from Jered Sanders. Some of the best tracks on Black Friday are Colin's Rebuttal, My Views (+ Powin Up ft. Shiwan), and Brand New Person.
The entire 4 track list is: #1 iPray, #2 Colin's Rebuttal, #3 Brand New Person, and #4 My Views (+ Powin Up ft. Shiwan).