Released Aug. 31, 2010
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1 Death Note Play 03:39
2 Grind Play 03:52
3 Dead Presidents Play 04:36
4 I'm New Play 04:06
5 Little Brother Play 04:08
6 Clarify Play 03:57
7 Blood Pressure Play 05:02
8 Warriors Play 06:12
9 Murder He Wrote Play 04:19
10 We Call (Bonus Track) Play 04:59
11 Smoke (Bonus Track) Play 05:24
Top Tracks
8 Warriors
9 Murder He Wrote
10 We Call (Bonus Track)
1 Death Note
2 Grind
4 I'm New
5 Little Brother
7 Blood Pressure
11 Smoke (Bonus Track)
Forerunner is the 2012 re-issue of Jeremiah's August 2010 The ForeRunner EP, and while the EP may have a new look and a few new songs , its purpose remains the same: Forerunner is a free project created as a tool to edify both the Body of Christ and unbelievers alike. It also serves as a means to introduce Jeremiah to the world as an artist, giving them a sample of things to come. It is the first entry of a two-project series (the second being Before I Wake) designed to pave the way for Jeremiah's first Official Studio Album.


Released August, 31 2010

Production By: 
Jeremiah for MovingStar Productions 
Bless for Heatseekahz Productions 
Meezay for Juggerknatz Music Group 

On Aug. 31, 2010, Jeremiah released a nice 11 track album called, Forerunner. It has at least nine tracks definitely worth listening to.

This is the 1st album available on Sola Tunes from Jeremiah. Some of the best tracks on Forerunner are Warriors, Murder He Wrote, We Call (Bonus Track), Death Note, Grind, I'm New, and Little Brother.
The entire 11 track list is: #1 Death Note, #2 Grind, #3 Dead Presidents, #4 I'm New, #5 Little Brother, #6 Clarify, #7 Blood Pressure, #8 Warriors, #9 Murder He Wrote, #10 We Call (Bonus Track), and #11 Smoke (Bonus Track).