Never the Same

Various Artists
Never the Same
Released March 23, 2016
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1 New Ways Play 04:08
2 Base Play 04:22
3 Euphoria Play 04:25
4 More Than Enough Play 03:18
5 Head High Play 02:02
6 Petals Play 02:13
7 Start-Finish Play 02:38
9 Worth It Play 02:20
10 God In Tha Bando (feat. D Kidd) Play 03:30
11 Inheritance Play 03:52
12 Gritty Avenue Play 03:38
13 FYI Play 03:36
Top Tracks
1 New Ways
2 Base
3 Euphoria
6 Petals
7 Start-Finish
11 Inheritance
12 Gritty Avenue
13 FYI
Never The Same is an album about breaking free from being average and staying in the same situation you are in. Its about jumping out of the box and jumping into a new horizon. When people said no God said yes! Shiwan and Benjamin Broadway is showing people to never give up your dreams and to have strong finish with a strong faith.

In March of 2016 Various Artists released a nice 12 track album called, Never the Same. It has at least eight tracks definitely worth listening to.

This is the 12th album available on Sola Tunes from Various Artists. Some of the best tracks on Never the Same are New Ways, Base, Euphoria, Petals, Start-Finish, Inheritance, and Gritty Avenue.
The entire 12 track list is: #1 New Ways, #2 Base, #3 Euphoria, #4 More Than Enough, #5 Head High, #6 Petals, #7 Start-Finish, #9 Worth It, #10 God In Tha Bando (feat. D Kidd), #11 Inheritance, #12 Gritty Avenue, and #13 FYI.