B-Shock has two records on Sola Tunes. The most recent one is Trendsettaz, which was released Sept. 25, 2012. It has at least seven tracks worth listening to. B-Shock dropped Trendsettaz in September 2012 and Bass Knock (Single) was released in November 2011.

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B-Shock's Top Tracks

Trendsettaz 2012
2 Already Gone Remix (Unofficial) ft. Mouthpi3ce, J-Blast 04:50
3 Encore (Unofficial Remix) ft. ZG, Sauce Remix 03:38
4 Top Down (Jesus Muzik) ft. BabyBoy, Rece Nickelz 03:09
6 I Got It ft. Todd McCray, Bumps INF, Geeda 04:52
7 I Cant Stop ft. B-Humble, Babyboy, B-Shock 04:08
8 Break pt. 2 02:01
9 On the Grind ft. Dre. Sr, B-Shock, Sauce Remix 04:24
10 He Lives ft. A-1 The Lp 02:48
11 The Word ft. A-1 The Lp, Erica Danea 03:25
12 God Bless You ft. D-1, Below Da Messenger 03:14
13 Game Day ft. Blacksheep 02:22
16 Go Get It ft. B-Shock, D-1 02:53
17 Tonight (We Our Young) ft. A-1 The Lp 02:10
Bass Knock (Single) 2011
1 Bass Knock (feat. Mouthpi3ce, Kambino, and Swoope) 03:35