Caleb McCoy

Caleb McCoy has two records on Sola Tunes. The most recent one is The OAK Season Two, which was released Nov. 18, 2014. It has at least seven tracks worth listening to. Caleb McCoy dropped The OAK Season Two in November 2014 and The OAK was released in February 2014.

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Caleb McCoy's Top Tracks

The OAK Season Two 2014
2 Let's Ride ft. Shanell Alyssa (Prod By Smizzy) 04:07
3 Big Bad Wolf (Prod By Smizzy) 04:30
5 Flesh Killa ft. Ricki Grant (Prod By MaxMillion Beatz) 04:10
6 Nothing Changes ft. Shanell Alyssa (Prod By Platinum Sellers Beatz) 04:01
7 Thi$ Money (Prod By Weatherman Beatz) 03:38
10 WorkinXChillin (Prod By Jehf Slaps) 03:46
12 Widow's Mite (Prod By Smizzy) 04:04
13 Awesome God ft. Bil and Paulea Mooney McCoy, D.I., and The OAK Choir 05:09
14 Homeland Security ft. Ohene Asare (Prod By Smizzy and KP) 08:02
The OAK 2014
2 Keep Pursuing (Prod By Kajmir Beats) 03:44
3 Better ft. Nikki Barnes (Prod By Wayhizz) 04:15
4 Make It Happen (Prod By Stupiddopebeats) 04:37
5 LyriChrist ft. Disciple (D.I.) (Prod By Jehf Slaps) 04:18
6 Joy Within ft. Ethan "Smizzy" McCoy (Prod By Smizzy) 04:51
7 Follow (Prod By Co Kayne Beats) 04:36
8 Only Human (Prod By Caleb McCoy and 12th Note Productions) 04:47
9 Break Every Chain (Prod By Smizzy and 12th Note Productions) 05:40
11 Moving On ft. Smizzy (Prod By Smizzy) 04:12
12 Doesn't Work (Prod By Smizzy) 04:05
13 Speak Life (Prod By Smizzy) 03:43