cash hollistah

cash hollistah has one record on Sola Tunes called, goRilla (the remixes), which was released Feb. 18, 2014. It has at least seven tracks worth listening to.

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goRilla (the remixes) 2014
1 goRilla (milliyonic mix) (feat. @IAmMilliyon, remixed by @bkcreationz) 03:45
2 goRilla (freddie b mix) (remixed by @FredBruno) 03:36
3 goRilla (tb mix) (remixed by @tyler_banks) 04:12
4 goRilla (gruntwork remix) (remixed by @rheomatic) 03:46
6 goRilla (midnite tapes remix) (remixed by @TarikSabar) 04:07
7 goRilla (in the mudd mix) (remixed by @ReddLettaz) 03:57
8 goRilla (#Rejects remix) (feat. @SocialxClub) 03:46
10 goRilla (elephants in canada mix) (feat. @kj52 & iPROMISEMUSIC) 03:46
12 goRillas in the (Re)mix (@djsematic feat. @KamBINO79, @ReddLettaz, @Iamthacorner, @Prizzle01 & @armondwakeup) 07:25
13 goRilla (fulham to waterloo mix) (remixed by @3345DropDJs) 03:55