The LoveSuite

Chris Cobbins
The LoveSuite
Released Feb. 13, 2013
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1 From Now On 04:07
2 Worth It 03:15
3 Still (feat. Dre Murray) 04:48
Top Tracks
2 Worth It
1 From Now On
3 Still (feat. Dre Murray)

In February of 2013 Chris Cobbins released a nice 3 track album called, The LoveSuite. We chose three tracks as top picks on this album.

This is the 3rd album available on Sola Tunes from Chris Cobbins. Some of the best tracks on The LoveSuite are Worth It, From Now On, and Still (feat. Dre Murray).
The entire track list of 3 songs is: #1 From Now On, #2 Worth It, and #3 Still (feat. Dre Murray).