City Lights has one record on Sola Tunes called, From Basements to Skyscrapers, which was released May 13, 2013. It has at least seven tracks worth listening to.


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City Lights' Top Tracks

From Basements to Skyscrapers 2013
2 Now You Know So (feat. Amasiah, A Star, Raging Moses) 03:57
4 Run to Him (feat. J. Carter, Raging Moses) 03:54
5 What You Did For Me (feat. J. Carter, Amasiah, Raging Moses) 04:20
6 Light Up The World (feat. Amasiah, Joseph Villanueva) 03:17
8 Don't Pass Me By (feat. Raging Moses, J. Carter) 04:14
11 We In Here (feat. Amasiah, Raging Moses, J. Carter) 04:59
13 Everyday (feat. J. Carter) 04:19
14 Feelin' It (feat. Amasiah, Jae-L, Armond) 04:16
15 Light (feat. Raging Moses, Datin, Amasiah) 04:29
16 Get Up (feat. Evan Ford, Eris Ford, Ryann Elisabeth, Amasiah, Aura) 03:46