Forthwith Records

Forthwith Records is a record Label that is made up of brothers and sisters from across Africa, who hold to a common faith in Christ, and is anchored on the urgency of the gospel.

Forthwith Records has one record on Sola Tunes called, The Good Fruit, which was released Aug. 7, 2016. It has at least seven tracks worth listening to.

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Forthwith Records' Top Tracks

The Good Fruit 2016
2 Our Attitude (feat. Dr. Voddie Baucham) 02:52
3 Sin (feat. Dr. Conrad Mbewe) 06:02
4 The GOSPEL Part 1: Whom the Gospel is about? (feat. Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr.) 05:44
6 Cursed: Christ in your place. (feat. Pastor Paul Washer) 05:38
7 A Disciple: Self–Denial (feat. Pastor Chopo Mwanza) 05:05
8 UNashamed: Speak Boldly (feat. Dr. Steven J. Lawson) 02:31
9 The GOSPEL Part 2: Not just how we get Saved. (feat. Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr.) 03:46
11 The Promise in Salvation. (feat. Pastor Shai Linne) 05:13