Soul Williams has one record on Sola Tunes called, Love, Soul: The Musical Letters Collective, which was released Dec. 14, 2013. It has at least six tracks worth listening to.


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Soul Williams' Top Tracks

Love, Soul: The Musical Letters Collective 2013
2 pg2: Revolutionary Minds (ft. Apocalyptic, Double, Kadence & Sean C. Johnson) 05:26
3 pg3: Respiration: OKC [Ode to a Classic] (ft. Apocalyptic, LTZ, ADDlib, Jabee) 06:40
6 pg6: By Faith (ft. B-Les) 03:45
7 pg7: Good Times: I'm Good (ft. Sean C. Johnson) 05:00
8 pg8: More Love 03:38
9 pg9: So Beautiful (ft. IamFranklin) 04:24