Str8 from the Underground

Various Artists
Str8 from the Underground
Released Feb. 24, 2013
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1 Lower Mantle @YeaSAVINO @iampatjunior Play 02:26
2 Goin in- @DavidMichael313 @KDrama513 Play 03:33
3 Turn Your Radio Down- @DreBMusic @cashhollistah Play 03:03
4 Go- @whoiscz Play 02:50
5 Testimony- @Jword_ Play 03:53
6 6am Twice in a Row- @JBReal @OfficialTJonez Play 03:58
7 Won't Move-@Primisis @bkcreationz Play 02:45
8 The Few-@jflo3 ft Chosen Play 02:28
9 Go Crazy- @TRUBBLE314 Play 03:12
10 Sword Fight- @AndyMineo Play 03:05
11 Interlude- @IzRealep Play 02:11
12 A Writers Anthem- @iampatjunior ft J Pelham Play 03:28
13 Christian Life- @Los_HGA @KB_HGA Play 03:28
14 Yap Yap- @ThisIsGS Play 03:53
15 Fear No Evil- @LadyChosenMusic Play 02:53
16 Poetry of War- @itsjuanlove Play 03:14
17 No Time 2 Waste- @HeartofaWinner Play 04:31
Top Tracks
9 Go Crazy- @TRUBBLE314
13 Christian Life- @Los_HGA @KB_HGA
2 Goin in- @DavidMichael313 @KDrama513
6 6am Twice in a Row- @JBReal @OfficialTJonez
8 The Few-@jflo3 ft Chosen
14 Yap Yap- @ThisIsGS
3 Turn Your Radio Down- @DreBMusic @cashhollistah
4 Go- @whoiscz
5 Testimony- @Jword_
7 Won't Move-@Primisis @bkcreationz
10 Sword Fight- @AndyMineo
11 Interlude- @IzRealep
15 Fear No Evil- @LadyChosenMusic
@djpdogg presents: Str8 from the Underground

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In February of 2013 Various Artists cooked up a solid 17 track album called, Str8 from the Underground. It has at least 13 tracks definitely worth listening to.

This is the 6th album available on Sola Tunes from Various Artists. Some of the best tracks on Str8 from the Underground are Go Crazy- @TRUBBLE314, Christian Life- @Los_HGA @KB_HGA, Goin in- @DavidMichael313 @KDrama513, 6am Twice in a Row- @JBReal @OfficialTJonez, The Few-@jflo3 ft Chosen, Yap Yap- @ThisIsGS, and Turn Your Radio Down- @DreBMusic @cashhollistah.
The full 17 track list is: #1 Lower Mantle @YeaSAVINO @iampatjunior, #2 Goin in- @DavidMichael313 @KDrama513, #3 Turn Your Radio Down- @DreBMusic @cashhollistah, #4 Go- @whoiscz, #5 Testimony- @Jword_, #6 6am Twice in a Row- @JBReal @OfficialTJonez, #7 Won't Move-@Primisis @bkcreationz, #8 The Few-@jflo3 ft Chosen, #9 Go Crazy- @TRUBBLE314, #10 Sword Fight- @AndyMineo, #11 Interlude- @IzRealep, #12 A Writers Anthem- @iampatjunior ft J Pelham, #13 Christian Life- @Los_HGA @KB_HGA, #14 Yap Yap- @ThisIsGS, #15 Fear No Evil- @LadyChosenMusic, #16 Poetry of War- @itsjuanlove, and #17 No Time 2 Waste- @HeartofaWinner.